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Stock & Custom

What’s everybody “wrapping” about. Stock and custom vinyl decals, created by a team of graphic artists, are now available for Video King’s PowerPlay 500™ bingo consoles.

Celebrate any event or holiday with your choice of art. Video King’s customizable desk skins can now be applied to the front of our PowerPlay PL 500™ bingo console line. Lightweight and affordable, these skins are interchangeable and easy to ship, store, position, and remove. Lightweight and affordable, the decorative skins are made of durable vinyl, printed with high-quality UV inks, and coated with a dry-erase surface. Choose from our stock wraps or contact us and create your own. 

Stock Items Include:

  • Stars & Stripes

  • Bingo Bonanza

  • Lucky Charm

  • Fire & Ice

Custom Items Include:

  • Holidays

  • Special Events

  • Employee Recognition

  • Sponsors Names & Logos

Please Note: Gaming and gaming devices may or may not be approved in all jurisdictions.
Please contact your sales representative to see what products are allowed within your marketplace.

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