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Champion II

The Champion II™, a durable, yet lightweight, portable gaming tablet, allows simultaneous play of both bingo and a multitude of Video King’s action-packed, credit-based games.

The Champion II™ features include sleeker design, vivid imagery, touch-screen technology, choice of card and flashboard layouts, 80/20 split screen and variety of daubing modes.


  • Battery Life: 10+ Hours

  • Charge Cycle: 6 Hour Full Charge

  • Display: 10” LCD • 640 x 480 Pixel


  • Tablet Dimensions: 10.4”

  • Tablet Weight: 5 lbs.

  • Charge Rack Dimensions: 22.5” H x 20” W x 17.5” D

  • Charge Rack Weight: 55 lbs.

Please Note: Gaming and gaming devices may or may not be approved in all jurisdictions.
Please contact your sales representative to see what products are allowed within your marketplace.

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