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Black Hawk II

To enhance the visual impact of your bingo operation, improve its functionality, and of course, make it even more enjoyable to play, Video King has added these sleek, black laminate desks
equipped with 43-inch, flat-screen TVs.

To enhance the visual impact of your bingo operation, improve its functionality, and of course, make it even more enjoyable to play, Video King has added an exciting element to our fleet of Black Hawk™ bingo consoles. 

These sleek, black laminate desks come equipped with 43-inch, flat-screen TVs, mounted to the front of the machine. By zeroing in on the console, not only can players focus on the caller – in the seat of all the action – but also view the ball call on the monitor and/or other flashboard images.

Modeled after Video King’s popular PowerPlay 500 Series™, the Black Hawk II includes much the same features, such as a touch-screen P.C.


  • Ability for remote access.

  • 15-inch monitor with built-in speakers.

  • USB keyboard/mouse.

  • Standard PC technology.

  • Windows 10 Operating System.

  • Removable motor and base for easy maintenance.

  • NTSC camera for live ball image.

  • Low sound emissions.

  • Verifies all Video King perms, most other manufacturers.

  • Ability to save and store sessions.

  • Programmable timer with visual and audible signals.

  • Automatic prize calculations when multiple winners occur.

  • Video flashboard software.

  • Standard output: Ball image/verification.

  • 30-month warranty on P.C.


  • Compatible with the OMNI™ bingo management system, the e-BOS™ gaming systems, including our fixed-base systems and full line of handheld bingo devices.

  • Integrated video flashboard capability.

  • Integrated presentation software for “in-hall” advertising.

  • Single “F” key operation for ease of use and speed of operation. F keys provide shortcuts. F1 key turns on blower.

  • Windows-based PowerEdit game program editor.

  • Picture-in-picture for live ball image on game screen.

  • Easy-to-follow, on-screen directions and menus.

  • Remote access software for program changes and team viewer or dial-in phone line for troubleshooting.

  • System Restore CD included.

  • Supports complex pattern definitions, including multi-level and multi-card sheet patterns.

  • Password protected for added security.


  • “A” Data, old “A” Data and Micro Data signal translator for connection to “A” Data style flashboards for compatibility to competitors’ boards.

  • Software controlled VIDMUX for enhanced multimedia control. Additional video outputs include: video flashboard, cable TV and advertisements from VCR or DVD.

  • Random number generator.

  • RF modulator allows video signal to go out to monitors for ball image and verification.


  •  Two “B” Data outputs, two Payout Data outputs and two Bonanza Bingo “R” Data outputs off of I/O board.

  • Supports Video King “B” Data Flashboards, including our 4,000, 6000, 7000, 7500, 7600 and Multimedia Flashboard Series.

  • One parallel port for connection to approved printers.

  • One RJ11 modem jack for remote service dial-up connection.

  • One JR45 Ethernet port for connection to local area network for OMNI.

  • Two RCA line level audio inputs for audio mixing and multimedia capabilities.

  • Two RCA line level outputs for connection to hall audio system or monitor speakers.

  • One 1/4 inch microphone input jack for caller audio equipment.

  • One ATI video graphics card for crystal clear caller and hall video displays.

  • One NTSC video output for connection to hall video equipment displaying live ball image and switching to card
    verification age.

  • Fluorescent light ball chamber for maximum clarity and ball action view.

  • Multiple accessory, 120-volt AC outlets.

Please Note: Gaming and gaming devices may or may not be approved in all jurisdictions.
Please contact your sales representative to see what products are allowed within your marketplace.

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